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My name is Carl Sigmond, and I am the Disability Community Advocate at the FREED Center for Independent Living in Grass Valley, CA. FREED’s mission is to promote independence and self-determination for people with disabilities through person-driven services, collaborative community partnerships and education, and leadership that advocates for fully inclusive communities. We work towards a world where all people, regardless of age or ability, can live, work, and play in their community.

As FREED’s Disability Community Advocate, my role is to a) advocate for local, state, and federal policies that benefit the lives of people with disabilities and all Americans, and b) organize advocacy teams of people with disabilities and our allies to collectively fight for such policies. I work on issues of healthcare, transportation, affordable and accessible housing, community integration, and more. Recently, much of my work has been focused on voting advocacy, outreach, and get-out-the-vote activities leading up to the November 3, 2020 Presidential Election. I also produce and co-host FREED’s monthly radio show, Disability Rap, which airs on KVMR 89.5 FM Nevada City, CA on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Pacific Time. It is also available as a podcast.

In addition to my community organizing and public policy advocacy work, I am collaborating with Dr. Jun Wang, the director and principal investigator of the Speech Disorders & Technology Lab at the University of Texas at Austin. We are researching automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems for people with dysarthria (atypical speech). My primary role in the research thus far has been collecting speech data from myself for the lab. To date, I have collected over 50 hours of recordings, and that number is expected to grow. In the near future, I will be expanding my role in the research team by providing feedback on prototypes and collecting speech data from other study participants.

I am also working on a feature-length film about my grandfather, Albert Schatz, who in 1943, discovered the first antibiotic effective against tuberculosis. Streptomycin, as he would name it, saved millions of lives and resulted in the closure of tuberculosis sanitariums around the world. My film looks at my grandfather as a person and parallels his historic discovery with my own quest to discover more about who my grandfather was and the impacts he made on society. Continue reading my bio.

This website contains information about my work and volunteer history, my skills and interests, my disability, and more. I encourage you to check it out and learn about who I am. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to be in touch.

Thank you for visiting my website and have a peaceful day.

Carl Sigmond

Latest Videos

Discovering the Discovery and the Grandfather Who Saved Millions

A forthcoming feature-length documentary about my grandfather, Albert Schatz, who discovered streptomycin, the first antibiotic effective against tuberculosis.

Produced and directed by Carl Sigmond.


A performance of “Feather” at the 37th annual Breitenbush Contact Improvisation Jam.

Choreographed by Carl Sigmond and Katherine Cook. Performed by Jeff Bliss, Katherine Cook, Tom Giebink, Jonathan Lilly, and Carl Sigmond. Video credit: Michael Joplin.